3rd Congress program

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Paris Appeal 3rd international Congress (Download the pdf)

April 12 & 13, 2011

Children Health and the environment

Followed by a three-day international acaemic intensive course of Environmental Medecine 14-15-16 April 2011

April 12, 2011

8h30 – 9h00 Registration
9h00 – 09h30 Welcoming the participants

Introduction :
Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize in Medicine 2008
José Ramet, Secretary-General European Academy of Pediatrics
Hanns Moshammer, Outgoing President of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment

09h30 – 10h00 Opening conference :
Maria Neira, WHO Director, Public Health and Environment (WHO-Geneva)

10h00 – 10h30 Introduction: Towards realism and precaution in protects children’s health
David Gee, Senior Advisor Science, Policy and Emerging Issue; European Environment Agency (EEA)


First session: Cancer and the environment

Moderators Ana Soto (USA) and Luc Montagnier (Aids Foundation – France)

10h30 – 11h00 Cancer as a model of environmental multifactorial diseases
Dominique Belpomme, Medical oncologist, Paris-Descartes University, Paris- France

11h00 – 11h15 BREAK

11h15 – 11h45 The foetal origin of cancer
Ana Soto, Cell biologist, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston- USA

11h45 – 12h15 Environmental endocrine disruptors in hormone dependent carcinogenesis
Patrick Fenichel, Endocrinologist, Nice University General Hospital – INSERM U895, Nice- France

12h15 – 12h45 Obesity and type 2 Diabetes
Philippe Irigaray, PhD in Biochemistry ARTAC Scientific Research Coordinator, Paris- France

12h45 – 13h00 DISCUSSION
Dominique Belpomme (France), Ernesto Burgio (Italy), Patrick Fenichel (France), Ana Soto (USA) Mohamed Benahmed (France) and René Habert (France)

13h00– 14h00 LUNCH BREAK

13h00 – 14h30 PRESS CONFERENCE

Second Session: Childhood at risks

Moderators Niels Skakkebaek (Denmark) and Charles Sultan (France)

14h00 – 14h30 Indoor and outdoor pollution – Perinatal exposition and allergies
Jocelyne Just, Pédiatrician pneumo-allergologist, Centre de l’Asthme et des Allergies, Hôpital d’enfant Armand Trousseau, Paris-France.

14h30 – 15h00 Hypofecondity and sterility
Niels Skakkebaek, Pediatrician, University Department of Growth and Reproduction, Rigshospitalet-Denmark

15h00 – 15h30 Endocrine disruption and sexual precocity
Charles Sultan, Pediatrician endocrinologist, Hôpital Arnaud de Villeneuve – Institut de Génétique Humaine, CNRS UPR 1142, Montpellier- France

15h30 – 16h00 Developmental origin of adult diseases
Ernesto Burgio, Pediatrician, Coordinator of the ISDE Italy Scientific Committee and Coordinator of the ISDE Scientific Committee, Palermo – Italy

16h00 – 16h15 BREAK

16h15 – 16h45 Increased incidence of mammary tumors in rats following electromagnetic fields exposure
Morando Soffritti, Scientific Director of the Ramazzini Institute, Bentivoglio- Italy

16h45 – 17h15  Electromagnetic fields and cancer
Lennart Hardell, Oncologist, University Hospital, Orebro- Sweden

17h15 – 18h00 ROUNDTABLE : Health risks of electromagnetic fields

Luc Montagnier (France) and Lennart Hardell (Sweden)
Dominique Belpomme (France), Franz Adlkofer (Internal Medicine – VERUM Foundation- Germany), Sissel Halmoy (IEMFA – Sweden), Gerard Ledoigt (Clermont-Ferrand University- PIAF UMR 547 INRAFrance), Pierre Leruz (President of Criirem- France) and Morando Soffritti (Italy)


April 13, 2011

9h00 – 9h30  Welcoming the participants

Third session: The Environmental origin of today’s public plague

Moderators  William Dab (France) and Philippe Grandjean (Denmark)

9h30 – 10h00 Pesticides and public health
William Dab, Epidemiologist, Department of Hygiene and Security at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Cnam), former director general of health at the Ministry of Health, Paris- France

10h00 – 10h30 Burden of Disease – chemical exposures in Europe
Roberto Bertollini, Chief Scientist, WHO Regional Office for Europe, Copenhagen-Denmark

10h30 – 11h00 Environmental Pollution as Key Factor for Asthma and Allergies
John Ionescu, Scientific Director of the Spezialklinik Neukirchen, Neukirchen- Germany

11h00 – 11h15 BREAK

11h15 – 11h45 Chemical brain drain with a special reference to mercury
Philippe Grandjean, Department of Environmental Health – Harvard School of Public Health, Chair of Environmental Medicine, University of Southern Denmark, Odense- Denmark

11h45 – 12h15 Food and Health: the risk of agricultural GMOs
Gilles-Eric Seralini, Molecular biologist, University of Caen, Institute of Biology, CRIIGEN, Caen- France

12h15 – 12h30 DISCUSSION: Integrity of science under attack
Jean Huss (Luxembourg), Philippe Irigaray (France), John Ionescu (Germany) and Gilles-Eric Seralini (France)

12h30 – 14h15 LUNCH BREAK

Fourth session: Civil Society and International Institutions in protecting children’s health

Moderators  Corinne Lepage (France) and Paul Lannoye (Belgium)

14h15 – 15h00 Introductive conferences :

14h15 – 14h30  Corinne Lepage, Member of the European Parliament, Former French Minister for the Environment, France

14h30 – 14h45 Paul Lannoye, Honorary Member of the European Parliament, Namur-

14h45 – 15h00 Jean Huss, Member of the Council of Europe, Luxembourg

15h00 – 15h15 Children Environmental Health in developing countries
Lillian Corra, Pediatrician, ISDE Argentina, Buenos Aires- Argentina

15h15 – 15h30 The network for Children’s Environmental Health: an integrated model
Roberto Romizi, General Practitioner, President of ISDE Italy and ISDE scientific Office, Arezzo- Italy

15h30 – 15h45 Advocacy for children’s environment and health: ensuring two-way feedback from the health constituency
Genon Jensen, Executive director of HEAL, Brussels – Belgium

15h45 – 16h00 BREAK

16h00 – 17h30 ROUNTABLE : How can Civil Society successfully face up to the general public health’s denial

Moderators Genon Jensen (HEAL) and François Veillerette (Génération Future)
Introductive remarks : André Cicolella (RSE), Estelle Balian (Belgian Biodiversity Platform), Geneviève Barbier (SMG), Anne Barre (WECF), Jean Michel Calut, Florent Grabin (PUMA), Dominique Le Houézec (CNMSE), René Olivier (AIDS Foundation – Paris- France), Cécile Renson (AFFM), Pierre Souvet (ASE – France) and Peter Van Den Hazel (INCHES)


Moderators: Paul Lannoye (Belgium) and Corinne Lepage (France)
Gérard Bapt (France), Jean Huss (Luxembourg) and François Grosdidier (France)

Genon Jensen (HEAL – Belgium), Cathey Falvo (President of the ISDE – USA)
and Dominique Belpomme (ARTAC – France)