Amendment November 14th, 2014

§9a. Whereas, in addition to chemical substances or products, radiation, whether ionizing or non-ionizing, i.e. with or without thermal effects, are also toxic to human health; whereas physical pollution should be added to chemical pollution; whereas physical pollution is able to induce comparable effects, namely cancer, birth defects, infertility or hypofertility, and this without including the possibility of blood-immune affections; whereas these effects occur under certain exposure conditions, whether acute at high doses or chemical at low doses; whereas to natural terrestrial radioactivity we should now add the persistence of artificial radioactivity related to the military or civilian use of nuclear energy; whereas in terms of controlling this energy, the health safety of current and future populations poses unresolved technological problems; whereas to radioactive pollution we should now add electromagnetic pollution related to the spread and proliferation of wireless technologies; whereas these technologies, when used carelessly, i.e. over a prolonged period of time and particularly for pregnant women, children and young adults, are just as dangerous, capable of causing cancer, birth defects, hypofertility or infertility and specifically here, degenerative diseases of the central nervous system such as Alzheimer’s disease.

§9b. Whereas all over the world, many infectious diseases, such as malaria, tuberculosis, cholera, dengue, trachoma, onchocerciasis, and so on, persist in the form of endemic foci or even pandemics; whereas, despite pressure from the WHO in 1948 and despite medical advances, our systems of health care are unable to eradicate them; that most of these infections are not naturally susceptible to available antibiotics or have become resistant to them; whereas the protection of populations is often impossible due to either the lack of potentially effective vaccines or the existence of low-effective vaccines; whereas potential vectors of these infections may have become themselves resistant to the chemicals used to combat them, thus preventing prevention; whereas, in addition to these persistent infections, entirely new infectious diseases, often resulting from viruses, such as AIDS, SARS, Chikungunya fever, avian and swine flu, Ebola epidemics, and so on, also occur worldwide in the form of epidemics or pandemics; whereas these infections in most cases cannot be prevented effectively by vaccination and their prognosis are generally poor; whereas all of these conditions are often directly caused by man himself, in other words by links between our way of life and economic interests, which do not meet natural eco-biological balances and in particular the health of livestock;